Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Polar Express

     The holidays have always been my favorite. My family has so many traditions that you can't help but smile at. One of them is going to the Polar Express in Ely, Nevada the first weekend of December EVERY year. This year we had a group of 23 that met up and dominated the small town all weekend. It was fantastic. Here are just a few pictures from the weekend, more may come soon. I hope you enjoy the laugh. :D 
These are all the "kids" that were with us at the Ely craft fair. The oldest Patrick pointing at Santa was trying to tickle him, Santa wasn't to thrilled with that though. 

This is Victoria, Taylir, and I waiting to get on the train to go to the North Pole! 

This is my Father's Maybelline look as he calls it and a creepy statue behind him, I mean look at the smile on that guy it horrible.  

Cutting down our Christmas tree in the fridged cold... 

Some family members and I :) If you look at the girl in the yellow we have matching PJ's cheapest  pj's I've ever bought. 

Our Christmas card picture this year. Aren't we adorable?

The Polar Express is part of our Christmas tradition, what are some of yours? Merry Christmas season everyone! Keep your head up and the Christmas spirit alive,
Ellie <3

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