Monday, June 4, 2012

We Have Orders!!

      We only have three more days left in school. For some reason our sucky school system decided to keep us in school for an extra two weeks compared to every other school system in the United States of America, and maybe even including Canada. All I know is we're so close to the end. What also sucks though, is that I was just starting to get a routine down. The doctor ordered I start testing my blood sugar around six times a day, just to see if we can find a pattern, we can't, but still we have orders, which means Mrs. M the school nurse can officially put me into the system! Which is both good and bad. The good thing is this piece of information is aromatically sent straight to my teachers. They can no longer say I'm 'abusing' the health office. Cons to this, is that I have to do all my tests in the health office. Once at 8:00am, 12:00pm, and if I decided it's needed once at 1:00pm before I get on the bus. Before when I was only going up to make sure I was treating a low with enough carbs I would come get a snack and go. Now, even if I'm the slightest bit low I have to stay and wait, so I'm missing more class time. And if I forget to go up, they hunt me down and I have to go up and test. But, we've been catching waay more lows this way. Now we're catching them in the 60's and high 50's instead of 40's and 30's. That's a trade off I'm willing to make. But, this all started a week ago, and now it's the end of the year. Next year I'm just going to have to start from the ground up again which isn't exactly my favorite thing ever. Either way, I have three more half days left until Summer and I. Am. Ready.

Keep your head up and your sunscreen close,
Ellie <3

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