Sunday, June 10, 2012

Party At My Place

     Today is my first day of work. Not volunteering, not helping my grandma and getting payed. Working. Being on a pay-roll, having to show up on time, you know the drill. My hours are great, I work from one in the afternoon until six at night. This way I have plenty of time in the mornings to hang out with my brother and do summery type things and then I have time at night to still make it to my new Kettlebells class at 7:15. It works for me. But what this also means is an earlier lunch, limited snack times for me, and a much later dinner. There is also not an onsite nurse that I can consult with if I ever become very low or just feel "off". Granted, I am working at a preschool so the kids will have a snack time that I will be able to sneak in some extra carbs, but I will be working in the play area/ gym. Which means stress overload and playing with kids. Which also means I will need twice as many fast acting carbs and a few more grams of protein to cover it all. Now I just feel like I'm already running in circles. So needless to say.. I'm nervous.
     It also really doesn't help that last night around 2:00 AM my blood sugar decided it was going to be a great time to go deep sea scuba diving and never come back up. So just like I do in the day time with a bg of 40 I did at night. Except, I was still half asleep. Right in the middle of a partying type dream. My best friends were all wasted and I was the only one sober (good for me!). Until I found the bottle of apple juice. So I was up for an hour and half doing juice box shots, rocking out to my ipod (quietly, normal people aren't up this hour) and pricking my finger every half hour or so. Yup. That was my night. Now I feel hung over and very slow to want to face the challenges of a new job this afternoon.
I. Will. Make. It.

Keep your head up and your mind open,
Ellie <3

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