Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Besides Internally Panicking

Oh hey 56, let's accompany you with a juice box and get you back up.
48, one juice box and some type of protein.
32, two juice boxes and a lot of sitting around.
Numbers get thrown at me fast and hard, but I try to always be prepared to face the music with something to raise my blood sugar the second I realize it's low. But what happens when I forget to pack something to correct it with? What happens when I don't realize I'm low until its to late. What is one to do in this situation besides internally panicking??
Do you fake it as though your fine and not draw attention to yourself or do you flail your arms screaming "Who has food?!?!" Especially when you're as low as 41? I'm an independent person. I will go out of my way to help other people, but I hate having to ask people for help or for favors. Every one I come in contact with on a daily basis are always willing to help or go out of their way to do what ever needs to be done when I can't really think for myself. I just hate telling people when it gets to that point. I try to brush it off as though it is nothing or I'm just tired, but inside I know it's more than that and I know I should really let someone know. I just can't bring myself to starting that process. For me, asking for help is like pulling teeth. I just don't want to let it come to that. So what would you do if your blood sugar is 41, you're slipping in and out of sleep, and you have nothing to correct with? Well, beside internally panicking.

Keep your head up and your suggestions coming,
Ellie <3

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