Sunday, April 29, 2012

All Day.

All day.
I've been lying around lazily all day since we got home from the movies. I would lie on the couch half heartedly switching channels before turning the TV off and moving to another couch. Sleeping for a half hour and then starting the process over again. That's it.
All day.
I began to get bored of this process around 3:00 and decided it was a grand time to just see what the ol' blood sugar was up to. 63. I ate spagetti o's. Well, half of them and then I felt like I would get sick if I ate anymore so I threw them away and got a juice box instead. Once again only half was drank before it was off to the trash with it's bad self. Thirty minutes later on a commercial break I decided it would be a good time to retest just to be on the safe side. 68. At least it went up? I decided enough of the whole meal options I went straight to the candy drawer. Two smarty packs to tie me over til dinner. Thirty minutes later the count down flashed on my screen... 31. Hmmmm. I forced a lunchable, cookie, and a juice box down and then sat on the kitchen floor watching the world buzz around me and feeling completely hopeless. Not soon after was dinner and I ate a full meal. I'm holding steady at 111 right now (like the symmetry?) So will see how long that lasts.
All day.
But this whole scene makes me worried. In 17 days I leave for California with my choir and we still don't know what any of this is. This is my third thirty since last Monday. NOT COOL! I would like some answers soon, but no one is really commited to helping me find them. So here I sit. Worried as hell and drunked out on juice boxes. I'm gonna have the worst "lowover" when I wake up tomorrow morning. -_- Wish me luck.

Keep your head up and your laziness contained,
Ellie <3

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