Sunday, April 15, 2012

Getting Through April

April. Not even half way over and I've already done so much. It started off busy and out of town, leading into my glucose tolerance testing (which all came back wonderful so I guess I'm a medical mystery??) Which is when we took a mini field trip to the new Hoover Dam bypass bridge, which is about and hour away from my house. 

In between Arizona and Nevada. 

Back on the Nevada side. 

If you can see him, he's a big horn sheep down by the water. 

 Then came Elizabeth Keane Day. When I received my big Prudential Spirit Of Community award in 2010 the city counsel dedicated April 7th as Elizabeth Keane Day. It was only April 7, 2010, but we like to celebrate it every year... WITH CAKE!!!

 Then came Easter. As always we have a HUGE Easter party with AMAZING food after church, and boy was it delicious!!

Hiding Easter eggs! 

The Easter egg finders. The hat on my head doubled as an
Easter egg basket as I was to lazy to go and find a real one.

 Next came the TourDeCure! I was soo excited to be riding in the 15mile ride. It was super rainy and cold in Vegas that day, and it was a little annoying because it NEVER rains in Vegas and it just decides today is a great day to poor. But, luckily the rain held out and it was beautiful riding weather! It was also really cool to meet people who had diabetes, I've never seen so many insulin pumps and people checking their blood sugar in one place. And it was neat to be able to encourage them in their fight.

Hoola-hooping before the ride. 

At the starting line. That's my nervous smile. 

Off we go! 

Coming up to the rest stop after a super long hill! 

Power drinking water so I could finish the last 7 miles! 

After the rest stop up the next part of the big hill! 

Coming up to the finish line and passing the big red truck.

Crossing the finish line!!
Huge smiles all the way!!! 

Meeting Monica Jackson the Fox 5 news anchor and telling
her I saw her commercial for this even and that's what made me
decide to sign up and ride. 

Doing a sound byte for the Monday morning news on why I decided
to ride and why I was so crazy for not having any training and just
doing it. 

The celebratory Outback lunch. 

It was amazing!!
That rounds out the first half of April. Now we're at the final stretch of school, I get my licsence in a month and turn 16, start my summer job, and more! I'm so excited. Hope your April is filled with laughs and great numbers.

Keep your head up and push on,
Ellie <3

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