Sunday, March 18, 2012

Welcome To The Team

This is Herman. Well... that is not Herman, my Herman looks exactly like this, but he's tucked away nicely in my unicorn skull bag and will be resting there until midnight tonight when I pull him out to test again. I got him about a week ago from a fancy place called Walmart and got him all gussied up and had him meet the nurse and the doctor and all those fun people and then today got to test with him for the first time!! It was a beautiful 107. I LOOVE Hermin. He's skinny and one of my favorite colors, and he's everything a person who has to check their blood sugar would want. The only thing I don't like is the lancet he comes with, but there's an easy fix to that. I use my old lancet the Multiclix lancing device. I love that it has 6 needles in one drum and I never have to see the needles! I also don't like the case, but really who does? So that's it. I will be posting a vlog sometime soon to properly introduce my Herman. But until then I guess you'll just have to wait. :)

Keep your head up and your blood sugar in check,
Ellie <3

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  1. Wait. Whoa. What? Unicorn skull bag? Pics, please. :)