Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"I will NOT Punch The Mail Man... Today"

I get on the bus at a lower than awesome 57. I take 1 sugar shot of 14 carbs (not a legit shot like with needles, but like alcohol kinda shot.) ((I've realized what I just said came out very very very wrong!!)) Anyways I had 14 carbs thanks to the Nerds candy. Then a friend was like "Yo! I got you a cookie" Those words are like music to my ears so I ate my cookie getting off the bus with an exact 80. I got into the groove of walking home and totally spaced out. I'm not sure if I can blame the low for this one or if I'm just that spacy. Any who, I spaced out and out of nowhere the mail man comes out of this guys yard. He was whistling , I was spaced out, it just didn't go well. All of a sudden I heard his footsteps and almost punched the guy in the nose. It was a new mail man the other guy knows I will punch you if you come out of nowhere and he always keeps his distance. This guy... not so much. So as I ball my fist up to punch the guy I realize who it was and told myself "Smile and nod keep walking home, you got this." 
I did NOT punch the poor mailman and I DID make it home. Just a day in the life of a blonde person reminiscing about a cookie. 

Keep your head up and your cookies near,
Ellie <3 

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