Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shiz Just Got Real

     I woke up early this morning to a stinging thought and the worst feeling in the pit of my stomach. Awesome I was sick. As I trudged to the shower that feeling in my stomach made its way up... fast. And to save the details it wasn't nice. Instead of going to church I commenced my sick in bed game plan. I first ate some ham and 1/2 a glass of apple juice to get some carbs under my belt until I knew I was able to sustain something more. About a half-hour after that I made myself some noodles and watched reruns of the Voice. I set an alarm that would reoccur every two hours so that I could wake up and eat. I would either eat a snack or something more mealish. I knew I was in the clear at dinner time when my mom woke me up and gave me the 15 minute warning for dinner. I slowly crawled my way out of bed so I could use the restroom when a wave of dizziness washed over me, my lips went numb and dry just like that, and the room went cold and then hot and then cold again. Just like that my sickness was not just a bug any longer it was a freakin ten story monster waiting at the doorstep to eat my soul. (possible slight over-exaggeration). I don't remember how I ended up laying face first into a teddy bear on the floor with just my blanket over me or how the juice from the juice box ended up around me, but some how my brain kicked into over drive and took over when I couldn't. I feel waaay better now, but it's sad how just like that shit gets real and by real I mean life threatening I probably passed out and don't remember it real.

Keep your head up and commence recovering from a scary low and sick in bed game plan,
Ellie <3

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