Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It could be that I had three tests I was worrying about or that my numbers just didn't want to cooperate with me today, but I was off all. day. long. First off I woke up low at 73. I corrected it fine and moved on with my day. My scheduled morning check was 56. Went to the nurse, drank a juice. My retest was 69 so I ate a granola bar went back to class fine. Fifth period rolls around and I'm starting to get groggy, noises are taking over and every whisper sounds like a gong going off in my brain. I was dizzy, I couldn't concentrate on getting myself from point a to point b or even caring about getting to point b. If you knew me you could tell something was up, but to most people I just look like I went to a rager last night and came home drunk. A usual sight for my school. Finally it was lunch time. I fought my way to the front of the lunch line mentally flipping the girl that cut me off, sorry girl. I went back to where I sit and tested. 62. I ate my pizza and went on my way assuming it came up. I got to choir my last period of the day. I start sobbing, my toes are on fire and tingly, I can't move my lips without getting a strange sensation in my cheeks. Voice checks. I have to sing sapprano 2 alone in a group to make sure I know my part for a 200 point grade. During the run throughs I looked like death, I felt like death. Came time to sing I was confident that I was going to blow it. I don't know how I did it, but I pulled that song out of my A#@ and did amazing. I finally got some sense and retested 50. Hmm maybe that's why. Today was a sucky day. It stinks that people everywhere are all having to deal with the lows and the emotional and physical stress of our daily grind. As you head off towards your Thanksgiving destination please be thankful for what you have. As sucky as this gets I'm thankful it's me and not someone else in my family. I pray you all have an amazing safe holiday!

Keep your head up and the Turkey stuffed,
Ellie <3

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