Thursday, October 6, 2011

This is not my picture... with that said I wish it was.
I woke up this morning and was instantly happy knowing I could finally wear a hoodie again and not be judged. I was so excited when I turned on the news and the weather lady said 55 degrees with possible hail storms in the early morning through out the valley. I was super excited when I found my slipper socks. But that all came crashing to the ground when my mom told me that there were stars out during her morning run and it didn't even smell like rain. It was sunny. Really sunny. It was still only  55 so I remained hopeful for the day. I was hopeful when my first BG check of the day was 82, and I was still hopeful when the second BG check of the day was 82. All that came crashing to the ground when my BG check an hour after lunch was 140, because when I'm higher than 120 and don't lower it by downing water I crash... hard. So after reviving it with a cheese stick and double checking it was holding steady my mom picked me up from school. We then decided we were going to chase the storm blowing over Lake Mead. We drove through a little rain, but that was about it. I consider this a successful day, although I will be writing a letter to the Channel 8 weather lady telling her she needs to look outside before she tells me it's going to hail. Because I for one look forward to anything resembling snow or precipitation for that matter. I guess the moral of today is the weather lady is NEVER right and to NEVER eat Cup-of-noodle and drink a mini Gatorade in the same meal unless you want to explain why you are a lethargic nervous water downing kid during sixth period.

Keep your head up and your doppler radars correct,
Ellie <3

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