Saturday, October 8, 2011

3's A Charm

3 the things I could do with 3...
-buy a candy bar (those things are expensive. It's like 2.50 a bar... INSANE!)
-run a marathon faster (if i had three legs. Well maybe not.)
-smile brighter and eat more (I really need to get myself three mouths.)

Now let's think about all the 3 related things I could do without...
-The chemistry test I retook 3 times and still only got a 60%!
-The three minutes it took to open my locker I was late to English!
-The three people sitting next to us at lunch that were super annoying.
-The three times I was hit with a flag pole in guard today.
-Oh and the THREE flippin lows I got today and today isn't even over... awesome.

But through the mists of all that INSANITY I held my smile and I've decided nothing and nobody can take that away from me. Take that haters!! So I encourage you all to enter this weekend with a smile on your face and your head held high because it feels awesome. :)

Keep your head up,
Ellie <3

* this was supposed to be posted yesterday. but didn't. Sorry. :) *

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