Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bats, Vlogs, and Netflix

Well... Where to begin. Let's start with the Netflix. The server is back up and I was finally able to watch my Psych again! I was going through with-drawls yesterday because my Netflix was not working and I couldn't watch my show. But *five second dance party* it's back up and I'm SUPER HAPPY.
Next I tried my first blog today. It kinda worked I guess. It's like 8 minutes long and I honestly have no idea how to edit so hopefully when I get it posted it won't boar you to death.
AAAND lastly. I am deathly afraid of spiders, snakes, crickets, car alarms (no joke I literally scream and run away), and bats. Well there is a few other things but that's a majority of it. Anyways, my grandparents porch wraps around to the backdoor. When I walked over there I went and knocked on the back door. When all of a sudden I heard a shuffle of flapping noises. I looked up to see three bats right above my head trying to fly away. Scariest. Shiz. EVER. I screamed... ran away... tripped and twisted my ankle (that could be a scene in one of those murder movies). Now I'm scared to go back over there and twice as scared of bats as before... I'm sure any other normal person would have handled this a little differently, but I'm scared of bats and recovering from Netflix with-drawls.

Keep your head up and your netflix running,
Ellie <3

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