Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Updates and Pictures Of Awesomeness!!!!

That's right I just got done uploading some pictures from the past couple of weeks! whoo! so with out further adu (spell check?) here you go :D

We'd been camping for like 3 dayz that's why our hair was so messed up. 

There was a battle of the sexes night at the youth group I go to in Vegas. That's what happened...

You know your life is complete when your favorite singer is on a snack you eat at least 4 times a day. 

I painted my toenails blue with silver circles on them in support of diabetes awareness month. 

I didn't know she was taking the picture. That is what my cousin and I call the spider swing. 

My grandpa and I chased an ice cream truck down for 1/4th of a mile. We never get ice cream trucks in the rural area of the city so we had to take the opportunity. 

My view from our jeep expedition. That was the other jeep that went with us. 

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