Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The One Time I Didn't...

The one time I've EVER gone low at band practice was yesterday. I've gone low at games before, but my parents were there and the concession stands were open so they could go buy me starbursts or something. I've always planed for this day. I have a bag in my band locker with juice, and granola bars, and nerds, and frosting, and a flashlight for some odd reason. The point of this bag was it and my meter were always supposed to go down to the field with me. I got to comfortable, I felt to safe I didn't bring my bag down to the field I only brought my meter and my juice. I did my routine check an hour and a half in. I was 80 so I drank my juice to boost it and got back out there. A half hour later I was dizzy and tired and was being yelled at for not paying attention. Something just clicked. I ran off the field and tested 60... That's why. Crap. My bag is in the band ROOM and I was on the field. GRRR! So I got up and walked over to the guard coach person. We exchanged the usual are you okay, I gave him the explanation he said go get your bag with the guard captain. She complained the entire way to the band room about being hungry. I kinda wanted to smack her in the face and be like yo dummy I'm low and can't think do you mind shuting up for one moment, but the world doesn't revolve around me and I didn't. I did give her a granola bar to keep her from whining all the way back. I finally ate my granola bar and retested at 106. Crisis averted. Moral of the story never get to comfortable always stay on your toes. And ALWAYS bring your bag.

Keep your head up and your bags with you,
Ellie <3

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