Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Day of Uhggs

Today sucked. To put it plainly. My bg didn't want to cooperate at all, my left headphone blew and I live off of those things like they're air, progress reports came out today... and so. much. more. Here's a snapshot:
4:45-wake up
5:10- breakfast
6:10- morning test- 82- juice box to boost it before heading off for the bus
6:50-left headphone... gone. :(
9:00-mid morning test- 72- 17 carbs of protein bar to correct
9:05-progress reports are passed out. awesomely sucky.
9:15- retest to double check the low came up- 73 You have got to be flippin kidding me. (My health plan says anything above 70 can be corrected in class, anything below 70 must be corrected in the nurse or if I correct and don't come up) So I grab my pass and someone to walk with me.
10:25-after drinking 2 juice boxes and retesting 3 times (stupid blood sugar) I am sent back to class.
1:16- Hallelujah this day is over!
Yup that was how spectacularly awesome my day was. :/

Keep your head up,

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