Thursday, September 22, 2011

Any normal person would have handled this differently...

If this were a girl... It would totally be me. 
So I was punched in the face today. It was an accident and I totally forgive her for it, but my swollen lip is begging for revenge. Any way, I went to hug one of my friends while walking to my next class today. I came up behind her as she was turning around she didn't see me and accidently jammed her fist into my face while turning.  I could feel my jaw shift and my lip started to swell. So I walked to the nurse to get some ice. I hung out at the nurse's for about 5-10 minutes and realized ice was doing absolutely nothing. During lunch lately I've been hanging out with some peeps in the band room. Well  I decided it was time to try the Tylenol method for relieving pain. I always carry some with me, but because Tylenol likes to screw with my numbers it takes a few extra steps to consume. Any normal person would take a pill, drink water, move on with their lives. Me on the other hand have to test BG, eat a granola bar to correct the low, wait 15 mins, test again, chew 4 children's tablets of tylenol cause I can't swallow pills (sad I know), drink water, retest in an hour. Awesome huh? It's been about 3 hours since then and my lip is finally starting to deswellatize and the low from the tylenol is starting to come back up. This kind of thing would only happen to me. What a day.
Keep your head up and the ice packs coming,
Ellie <3


  1. I can't help it - I laughed because punching yourself in the face is SO something I would do. :) Nice to "meet" you, and I'm looking forward to reading your blog, and checking out your D365 project!

    - Kerri.

  2. Haha. I have a way of being awesomely graceful at injuring myself at the most random and wonked out times. It's nice to "meet" you too! I'm excited to see where this whole blogging thing takes me. :D Thanks.